Saturday, January 16, 2010

Painting is very much experimental for me. I'm sure that any seasoned artist might look at some of my work and cringe. I don't pretend to of the same caliber as the pros in the world. But I have potential. My ultimate goal is to achieve a level of success to the point where others would have a desire to pay a monetary amount for my pieces.
It's not so much about the money itself. It would just be nice to know that a painting of mine stirred enough inside a perfect stranger that they would be willing to pay for it and put it up on their wall for an indefinite period. That would be the ultimate vote of confidence. The ultimate compliment.
The cash in my wallet would be nice too.

This painting is the biggest yet. 36" X 48" I think.

I generally find large canvassed intimidating, So finishing this one was an achievement. I hacked away at this one for six months or so. It took so long because it was during renos in my house at the time and there was nowhere I could comfortably work on such a big canvas. Eventually, I wiped off the dust and finished the damn thing.
There will a lots of firsts in the paintings I show on this blog. Another first for this was that it was my first flower.
Ive already established that I am not interested in the classic flower scene. Whatever that really means. There will always be something alternative and contemporary in my style.

I still haven't perfected the photographing thing. These pictures don't really do the paintings justice. In this one in particular, there's way too much glare. Some tweaking needed still.

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