Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day one.

I felt reborn since I started painting.
I may not be great yet, , but I am on my way. And it's too rewarding to stop.

Here's one I did about a year ago.

11x11, acrylic on canvas. I took a picture when I, my wife, Christine and Violet spent three weeks in London. 2 years ago. We tend to follow the unbeaten path when we travel. Walking as much as possible With spent a significant amount of our time in east London when we were there. I hate using the word "authentic", but there was nothing catering to the tourism trade in this area.
We found ourselves in this cafe just off Brick Lane. It was very dark, full of old, mismatched living room furniture haphazardly placed. There was a strange sense of order the chaos, however. It was the light that really got me. Where I stood, there was a haziness from the light that flooded through the warehouse windows in the distance.
That afternoon we walked all the way back to our flat near Kensington High St. It was a long, wonderful day.

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